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Hope you all have a had a wonderful weekend.

After a lazy start to our day yesterday we hit the mall for a little christmas shopping, took a break to hit the gym then continued shopping our way back to our house, before watching MICHIGAN STATE beat that team from ohio. I am a true blue fan and will always be a Michigan Wolverine but when it comes to Michigan State vs. someone else I will ALWAYS cheer for my state, especially if its against osu.

Christmas Shopping Selfie!!

Christmas Shopping Selfie!!

Today our plans are gym, grocery store, cleaning & reorganizing our life before getting the week on track. I love productive sundays so lets hope **fingers crossed** today turns out to be a success.


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Todays theme is TRAVEL… ahh I really do love to travel and have been lucky enough to travel a few fabulous places over the years.


AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND –  I cannot believe it was over 10 years ago I took the extremely long flight and spent 3 weeks with strangers who became fast friends. I traveled with People to People which is a student ambassador program whose mission is to expose students with the culture and history of countries around the world. I had an amazing experience and remember so many parts of the trip like they were just yesterday! My favorite place in Australia was far and beyond Sydney, I loved the city, the architecture and the history. I would LOVE to go back and experience the city in this 20 something body not the high school freshman body I was in.


In New Zealand I got to spend a few days with a local family in Auckland and loved getting to know them on a closer deeper level. It was wonderful to see the city in the eyes of a local, I know I took this experience for granted looking back now. My other favorite place in NZ was Rock & Ice where we spent a weekend connecting, team building and stepping outside our comfort zone. This weekend was well into our trip so by that time we were all pretty close which made the weekend that much more impacting. We climbed and repelled down a cliff which was something i honestly did not think I would be able to do, but I DID IT and I wanted to do it TWICE. I actually still have the t-shirt I bought at this trip which I don’t wear often but love each time I do!

Paris & Brussels – I am lucky to have a rockstar of a best friend who traveled with Camp Adventure and during our senior year of college, persuaded me to come visit her while she was away. I talked one of our friends into making the trip with me & we spent 10 days in Brussels making little day trips & a weekend trip to Paris for New Years Eve 2010.


Brussels was gorgeous, I loved trekking around the city, taking in all the christmas festivities, freezingggg in the cold temps, eating crepes, drinking HOT WINE, seeing the Manneken Pis & singing songs at bus stops. I loved spending the week with Tara, Heather & Lauren; the 4 of us made quite the loud & boisterous group making for a very memorable trip.

DSC01936For New Years we had the bright idea (with 10000000000000 others) to head to Paris for NYE & further exploration. Well NYE in Paris is not what they show on TV. We ended up being in a crowd with 100000000 creepy parisian men who thought my personal space was theirs including our “thigh gap” … after RUNNING and WEAVING to find a spot free from space invasion we ended up finding a new friend who was from Michigan living in Paris. She ended up taking us on a tour of the city the next day which was great!

Besides the creepy parisian men we were also disappointed in the lack of fireworks at the Eiffel Tower at midnight. If you ever see a picture of fireworks & the tower stating that it is NYE its a lie!! They do a light show on the tower (similar to what they do hourly) but no fireworks bummed girl over here!















We ended our trip in Paris with a day at the tower and a lot of walking around town. It was a wonderful weekend trip. Overall Brussels was likely my favorite trip this far, I loved the experience of being there in the winter and the girls I was with made it even better!

ACAPULCO - My freshman year of college I ended up (very last minute) going to Acapulco with some of the girls from my sorority. I got the trip after one of the girls had to back out and decided I would be going exactly 1 week before we left! I loved going on vacation with this group of girls who I was friends with but not all extremely close to. It was a whirlwind of a week consisting of drinking, tanning and enjoying the beautiful sun. I actually woke up this morning thinking about that trip (before deciding to write this post!)

United States Travel - I’ve loved all my traveling in the USA! I have been lucky to live (at least 1 month) in Michigan, Ohio, Texas, Oklahoma, Wyoming, & now Illinois. I love each state even the downfalls of them all make them wonderful. I also have had the privilege to travel to multiple states as well including Florida (multiple times & places), Kentucky, West Virginia, Arizona, Missouri, Indiana, Minnesota, Tennessee, New York, Pennsylvania & I’m sure a few others I cannot remember. I have so many great memories from all these places and cannot wait to explore MORE! I have a few states really really high on my list so hopefully some traveling will be coming soon!


I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday & take time to travel this amazing world we live in!





I’d Love To Know ~~ Where is your favorite place you’ve traveled? Tell me about your last vacation!

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    • YES I definitely need to come back!!! I have been seriously longing for Australia since I left. I hope NYC was not too traumatizing for you!

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