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Happy Wednesday!!

I hope you all enjoyed my recap of the Good Life Holiday Challenge yesterday. I know I am really enjoying each day of the challenge, I mean mondays challenge was to just DANCE! What gets better than that??? ((..maybe a lot if you were my patient’s who were subject to my mid-day dance off))

Yesterday’s elf4health challenge was to #eatarainbow. How fitting for my wellness wednesdays long lost wellness wednesdays… I love eating a rainbow but lately I find my rainbows are rather lack luster, I blame the impending winter months and lack of fresh & colorful produce.

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To present to you my rainbow of meals I am linking up with Jenn for What I Ate Wednesday.



  • Unpictured: Pre-workout 1/2 pita with PB & post-workout Strawberry Protein Smoothie (RED!)
  • Top Left LUNCH: my most colorful meal of the day… chicken & quinoa salad, red apple (actually ate for a snack), celery with peanut butter, & 1/2 pita with hummus
  • Top Right DINNER: this is where mr. lack luster comes in… a very orange & brown dinner indeed… leftover stuffing & baked turkey burger on pita with hummus ((In a hummus mood!))
  • Bottom: greek yogurt with some dark chocolate chips & dried cherries in a BLUE cup :)

Yesterdays GLHC was to challenge your body image,  by picking one body part that you are not fond of and making amends… heres my challenge post:


I left this quote in a note at Starbucks for someone who needed it, on Monday for #elf4health’s handwritten note challenge & loved it too much to only share with one person. So I decided to write it on our clinic board for all my patients to see when they came into the clinic & now I am sharing with you!


I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday & take some time to make healthier relationships with your own body by making amends and eating a rainbow!


I’d Love To Know~~

Do you have a body part that you need to make amends with? 

What’s your inspirational quote for the day?

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