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Happy Monday!

Yesterday’s Elf 4 Health challenge was to write 20 things you’re grateful for in a Gratitude list. It may have taken me some extra time to compile but with some time and thought I developed Twenty things in 2013 that I am grateful for.


This list was compiled in absolutely NO particular order. Just a list of things I am grateful for, provided to you in wonderful pictures of the last 11 months!


My Sister is one of a kind… I am grateful to have her compassionate, carefree, wine drinking self in my life! We may not be the closet but we are the coolest.


I never thought the day would come & then I got TWO DAYS… Graduation from TTU was definitely a highlight of this year.


This needs little explanation… what other girl wouldn’t love this closet of shoes??? there is still room to add more too, so if you’re looking to buy me a christmas gift heres a **hint**


Dearest high school friend got hitches in a gorgeous garden wedding! I felt beyond blessed to be a part of her day and celebrate their love! I can’t believe its almost 6 months already!


For without Texas Tech, I would have never met this guy… he keeps me sane, loves me, spoils me, and pushes me to be the best ME I can be!


Lots of yummy food happened in 2013!


Post boards #selfie would’ve been on the attitude list if I hadn’t passed. Praise the Lord I was able to study and pass that bad boy!


2013 has proven to be a very Fit year for me! I Love experimenting in fitness & finding new workouts that continue to inspire and motivate me. PROGRESS is in the PROCESS :)


My soul sister got married & I got a vacation! Miami was a week of memories that will soon not be forgotten. Another beautiful couple who I was blessed to stand by while they celebrated their love.


After YEARS of telling my dad (and anyone who’d listen) that I would be a PT when I grew up the day finally came where I put on my big girl shoes and started my FIRST JOB! Business cards make it extra official!


Motivation from loved ones is never lost on me! I love getting little notes from my family at random. They always seem to be at the MOST needed time!


My Michigan football team may have let me down but at least I have wonderful memories from the game and these great CANDID shots to make me laugh each and every day!


Brent & I are celebrating our 2nd Christmas together but this year is our first year where we decorated our own tree & sent out a christmas card!!! I love the holiday season and having an official tree & stockings makes me feel like a proper adult.


Although this is just a part of them, I am beyond blessed with an abundance of loving and supporting family members. I cannot thank you all for the love you give me and the fun times and memories we share together. Y’all Rock!


Because what 6′ tall girl doesn’t like a tiny smart car?


Ahhh sunrises on the beach with a kiss to top it off… nothing gets better than this!


Living in Texas got the best of me and I brought the best of it back with me in the form of these beautiful boots. It’s amazing what a good pair of boots can do for a mood!


My dad is one hellvua guy! I am grateful for all of his love, support and encouragement. I could not be where I am today without all this man has done for me and my family over the years! LOVE YOU!


Its simple I love Elephants & I love Wine so whats better than an elephant drinking wine?


and last but CERTAINLY not least YOU!!! for without all of you this blog would just be me rambling on and on…. well lets be real I do that any ways and the few of you who are reading this are probably really bored with me by now… but THANK YOU for being my motivation, my encouragement and my inspiration. Without this blogging community I would be in a very different place than I am now.

Since this gratitude list is marvelous I am linking up with Katie for another MiMM

Since this gratitude list is marvelous I am linking up with Katie for another MiMM

So there you have it Twenty Things From 2013 that I am grateful for. I hope you all have a wonderful week & take some time to think about what would be on your gratitude list.





I’d Love To Know ~~ Whats on your gratitude list?

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    • Thank you Julie!! I am sure you have a lot to be thankful for as well! It was hard for me to list mine, which is why I stuck to 2013 =)

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