Enchilada Turkey Chili

Enchilada Turkey Chili

This enchilada turkey chili gives you a taste of an enchilada while filling you up with all the vegetables and flavors you won’t miss the cheese or tortilla!  On Sunday when we hit the grocery store I knew I wanted to be able to make a big batch of something that wouldn’t take a lot of work and we could eat all week. With the weather continuing to be super cold I decided a very veggie heavy chili sounded amazing. I had some enchilada sauce in the fridge leftover from my last chicken enchilada bake (SO GOOD) and wanted to use … Continue reading

A 15 Hour Trip – Weekending IIX

A 15 Hour Trip

Happy Monday!! I was going to try and channel my inner Broccoli & sing you some sweet Guilligan’s Island theme song, because as I typed the title of this post that is what was playing in my head, but after a few attempts I realized I am just not that witty! This weekend I headed home for the first of my sisters two baby showers. Brent headed to Rock Falls to celebrate his friend Shane’s 30th Birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY Shane!) so I headed to Michigan alone After a 40 minute delay through Chicago I flipped on some Jillian Michaels podcasts … Continue reading

Take Time Tuesday

Kelsey & Sean's wedding bash!

Happy Tuesday!!! I am popping in today to brighten up my winter blues and reflect on some things that I am thankful for. The freezing temperatures here in Chicagoland has definitely caused me to slow down and feel super sluggish, not to mention having some cabin fever. I am beyond a doubt ready for winter to be over with. BUT rather than sitting here and complaining lets look at some of the good that has been going on over here! The past few weeks, and upcoming few weeks, are SUPER jam packed with life events. On Friday I ran to … Continue reading

Dill Tuna Salad

Dill Tuna Salad

This Dill Tuna Salad is a simple & delicious twist on the old school classic, packaged in the prettiest natural bowl of a Bell Pepper.  I hope you all are having a great week. It has been a bit of a crazy one over here, which would be why I have been MIA the last few days. Brent & I are gearing up for a bunch of busy weekends ahead, so on Saturday when we hit the grocery store I had one goal in mind. Fast, Easy & Healthy meals that I can prep stress free. Since we will be driving to … Continue reading

Weekending VII

Ann is standing in this picture & I am sitting on a bar stool, just for perspective :)

Happy Monday! I think I have finally come off the sugar high from this weekend, maybe Friday at work my coworkers brought in a bunch of sugary treats partially for my birthday & partially for our students last day of her internship. While I had done a REALLYYYYY good job of avoiding all junk food brought to work I did ha e a few treats on Friday to start my Birthday weekend. I mean 80/20 right After work Brent & I climbed in the car and made our way to Michigan. First stop Chipotle for dinner. I NEVER get a … Continue reading