Friday Photo Dump II

Happy Friday! I am sooooo glad it is the weekend & that next week is a short week followed by the holiday weekend! I can definitely tell that I am 100% in need of a break from work and daily life. So here is my week in review, in photo form! This weekend we have a few plans but nothing huge, and I could not be more excited to just relax some! Linking up with Linda for #LIPlinkup, Katie & Heather for Friday Faves!  Hope you all have a great weekend! Tell me something you loved this week? Will you … Curiouser and curiouser

Are you ALL IN?

Are You All In

HEY!!!! Well I wasn’t planning on posting a second post today but something really exciting happened and I just had to share it with you all, For the past few weeks my Facebook and email has been flooded with exciting news and a promise of something HUGE from AdvoCare and today was the day they announced it all. I wasn’t able to make the call, dang work, but got caught up realllllll quick through my friends. AdvoCare is offering FREE shipping & other free goodies to those who order a 24 Day Challenge by DEC 31st and are guaranteeing that it will be … Curiouser and curiouser

Cranberry Orange Granola

Cranberry Orange Granola

This Cranberry Orange Granola is gluten-free and full of flavor, the perfect addition to your breakfast table. Lately breakfast food has been my favorite, and I have been obsessing over homemade granola. I can eat the whole jar without blinking an eye, but give me some yogurt and I am done for. This is why I started making my own to have myself some money and control the ingredients in it. I love store bought granola, the clusters, robust flavors and crunch is something I long for in my own granola. However most times to get that really amazing flavor & texture … Curiouser and curiouser

Sun Dried Tomato & Basil Quiche

Sun Dried Tomato & Basil Quiche

This sun dried tomatoes,  sweet basil & cheddar cheese quiche on a sweet potato crust makes a perfect breakfast for the Holidays.  Happy Monday! First I want to start with HOW IN THE WORLD are there only 10 days until Christmas??? I swear it was justtttttt Christmas 2013 & we were floating on cloud 9 after our amazing Christmas engagement. This weekend I finished our Christmas shopping for our family & Brent. Although Brent & I opted out of Christmas gifts to each other this year to save for our wedding & just get each other our wedding bands. We are still exchanging … Curiouser and curiouser

January 5th… Are You Ready!?

January 5th.. Are You Ready

When I think about the holidays the first thing that comes to mind is the feasting that occurs between Thanksgiving and New Years. With work parties, gifts from patients, family gatherings and holiday parties with friends November and December are surrounded with food and sweets. While I love my sweets & all the delicious foods and by no means want to wish this season of love, adoration and preparation away I can’t help but yearn a little bit for January 5th. No not because it will be the 1st Monday of 2015, not because it will mark the first Monday of … Curiouser and curiouser