Cue Rant

hi guys,  I wasn’t planning on posting today but something that happened last night at the gym prompted this post and well I just couldn’t contain myself.  So as a physical therapist & being married to a gym rat who is meticulous about form I have come to be a BIT anal about form and more often than not find my self cringing at people in the gym. I usually contain myself from giving glares, saying something or whispering to Brent about the person.  But sometimes it’s JUST.TO.BAD. and I feel that it’s my professional obligation to help the poor … Continue reading

A Weekend Workout!

Incline Treadmill Workout

This 20minute treadmill workout will work up a sweat & you’ll burn tons of calories without running a step! Happy Monday Friends! This was the last weekend for a while where we didn’t have anything on the books and we took good advantage of the RELAXation part of the weekend. We have really enjoyed the past 6 weeks without traveling and getting to see friends and do things around Chicago but I am getting really excited for the fall and football! I am not super excited about driving multiple weekends in a row but HEY you take the good with the … Continue reading

BuluBox Review #lovebulu

Bulu Box Review

Hey Guys! I am SOO excited about todays post, I have been listening to Jillian Michaels Podcast for the past year and she always raves about BuluBox so when I was given the opportunity to try a box I jumped on it! BuluBox is all about sharing healthy products with consumers in a sample size so you can try them out before buying the whole shebang! From the Bulu Box website: Bulu Box is the first health, nutrition and weight loss discovery box designed to help you feel your best. Each custom box comes filled with a new mix of … Continue reading

Goal Wall DIY

This goal wall DIY will only cost you $5 and take about 30 minutes to create, then you will have a great wall to plan & achieve all of your goals!  Hey Guys! Over the past few weeks the thought of goals and achieving goals has been weighing heavy on my mind. I don’t know if it is because this time of year is when school is starting and that is so often associated with new goals, achievements and aspirations. Or if its because I have been feeling a bit stagnant and in need of a challenge but feel overwhelmed … Continue reading

Fitness Lately

Fitness Update

Hey Guys! So I have been having some serious technical issues. I am really bummed that my post’s from last week have been mysteriously deleted from cyber space but instead of dwelling on the past I am picking up from where I left off and starting the week new. I had a Fitness Friday post planned last week, but since that did not happen we will have a Fitness Lately post instead… Over the past month Brent & I made a pact to bump up our lifting routine and really put the most into each session. Previously while we were … Continue reading

Treat Yourself Tuesday

treat yourself tuesday

Hey!!!! WHAT two posts in a row??? YEP! If you read anything about building a blog & a brand they highly discourage irregularity in blog posts and I have definitely been one to break all of those rules… maybe thats why this little blog is still little… but regardless when I have something to share I want to share it & not feel like I have to wait the appropriate number of days. PLUS its Treat Yourself Tuesday and I had the best treat DAY ever on Saturday… On Saturday Brent had plans to go to the Cubs game with his friend … Continue reading