Whole Foods Cooking Class

Pasta Success!

Happy Wednesday! On Sunday I was invited by Katie to spend a few hours at Whole Foods doing a cooking class. I was super stoked to go hang out with some other bloggers and learn new recipes. For some reason I thought the class was going to be about pre & post-workout meals so while I was excited I thought I would not learn that much. WOW was I wrong! After meeting everyone and chatting a bit with our hosts (Sarah & Robin) we met Jessica, the marketing specialist for WFM Northbrook. Jessica was awesome for a few reasons, and she started … Curiouser and curiouser

Hemp Seed Pumpkin Energy Balls #hemphearts

Hemp Seed Pumpkin Energy Balls

A quick snack perfect for a mid-day pick me up or pre workout boost, these Hemp Seed Pumpkin Energy Balls will be your fall favorite!  A few months ago my girl Keri posted a Hemp Milk recipe on Instagram… The next day I saw some hemp seed smoothies and hemp seeds on salads. These little seeds were popping up everywhere & as a healthy food bandwagoner I definitely wanted to check these little seeds out. As fate would have it, the week or two I got an email from FitApproach about collaborating with Manitoba Harvest to review their Hemp Seeds. Ummm HELLO spiritual guidance! I … Curiouser and curiouser

I said YES to the Dress!!!

Pre-Dress shopping mandatory selfie! My lucky elephant scarf did me good!

Happy Monday friends!! We had a whirlwind weekend in Michigan, as all weekends in Michigan are, this one filled with wedding everything! I haven’t shared many more deets on our wedding since the planning took a bit of a back burner while life turned upside down & then right side up again. Since life is now right side up and my feet are under me I finally felt like we could move forward with the wedding plans! We got our final engagement pictures done which we LOVE & I will be sharing in their own dedicated post! For a sneak peak head … Curiouser and curiouser

How To Food Prep – 6 Simple Steps

How To Sunday Food Prep

Have you ever wondered How To Food Prep, to make your life a bit easier? Here are 6 Simple Steps to help you stock your fridge & belly for the week! I have had a long time promise to give a post on how I approach food prepping. Since Wednesday is the best day to celebrate food I figured today would be the perfect day to share with you my 6 simple steps to food prepping! I try to prep as much as I can on Sunday so during the week I have to do minimal cooking. While I like … Curiouser and curiouser

Thank You Rockford!

Thank You Rockford

Its fall y’all!! The leaves are changing, The crispness in the air is changing, The temperature definitely is changing. I LOVE fall and there is something about the fall that is comforting and while change is not very comfortable it makes you stronger and without change development and growth can’t occur. The last few weeks I have found myself reflecting a lot on the past year. What has happened, where I have come and where I plan to go in the next 12 months. A lot of this reflection is due to the fact that I knew change was upon me. Friday marked … Curiouser and curiouser