Thankful Thursday – TOL style

Thankful Thursday

HIYA!!! We are currently 16 days away from our wedding!!!! I have that sensation of “so close, yet so far away” and at the end of the night I am truly exhausted. I found myself with a little extra time this morning and thought I would share some things that I have been thankful for this past week, Thinking Out Loud style! Last week we headed to Michigan and spent some time with my family, finishing up some wedding planning stuff & getting to have some fun & relax. Saturday after fixing my biggest wedding blunder (hopefully fixing!) we headed … Continue reading

Mango Jalapeño Salsa

Mango Jalapeno Salsa

Sweet & Spicy this Mango Jalapeño Salsa is a fresh and zesty addition to any protein or salad that comes together in a snap!     Last week Brent & I saw Mangos on sale for $0.40/mango!! We don’t usually buy them but they looked good and the price was hard to beat! We decided to make a mango salsa to spruce up our boring protein that we have been eating lately. I grabbed a shallot, jalapeño for spice & cilantro because well salsa without cilantro isn’t really salsa in my book! I hadn’t cut a mango in a long time … Continue reading

Treat Yourself Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday friends! Since I have been a little MIA & my girl is about to pop out a babayyy any day I thought I would link up with her and share some recent treats. Last week I took an impromptu social media hiatus, okay I was on Instagram on occasion but definitely less than my usual, instead I focused on life. The weekend before I spent time in a classroom learning new Physical Therapy treatment approaches, it was an amazing class & my patients are definitely feeling its affects now. Brent & I treated ourselves to a few good … Continue reading

Egg White Oatmeal Pancakes

Egg White Oatmeal Pancake

These egg white oatmeal pancakes are simple, easy & delicious, with only 2 ingredients they are easy to customize and make your own. Cooking in under 5 minutes make them perfect for any busy morning!  Its Friday!!! Happy May!!! I love Fridays, there is something wonderful about knowing another week is done and there are a few days away from the reality of work. This weekend I have some bittersweet feelings about the weekend since it is supposed to be a gorgeous one here in Chicagoland and I will be inside a classroom for 8 hours both Saturday & Sunday. Lets chat about some of … Continue reading

Rehab Your Run Part 2

Rehab Your Run

Well its been a couple weeks since my first RYR post. I have been working on myself and trying to be a good patient and not one that would make me pull my hair our as the therapist. Heres a recap! The first week I was lucky enough to have my friend work on my hip three days. I was super tight and definitely needed the intensive therapy. I followed up the soft tissue sessions with some glut and core strengthening tasks while also avoiding heavy legs, squatting or lunging tasks which would aggravate my poor body any more. In addition … Continue reading

Weekending XIII

Love this little Jewel!

Happy Monday! This weekend Brent & I headed to Michigan for some quality snuggle time with my new sweet baby niece. As I mentioned in my last post my sister had a baby a little over a week ago and I had been itching to go snuggle that sweet bundle of love and spoil her in all the best ways possible. Which at the ripe old age of 8 days old including lots of kisses, bottom pats and ooo’s & ahhh’s. On our way to Michigan we stopped in Indiana to go to 3Floyds Brewery. Brent was determined to get some new … Continue reading