30 Thankful Days {18-24}

"Dear Momma" ~Happy 50th Birthday

Happy Tuesday! I cannot believe it is already the last Tuesday of November and almost the end of my 30 thankful days posts. Last week I felt a whirlwind of emotions and moods and events in a rather uneventful week and weekend, so lets get to finding something in each day to be thankful for. Day 18 – Meeting new Doctors… this is a total nerd thing to say, but I truly love learning new things and getting to engage with the physicians who directly treat and impact my ability to help patients heal. I was given the chance to … Curiouser and curiouser

Dear Momma

Dear Momma

Dear Momma, Today on your birthday I have so much to say and so many things to wish you. I think about birthdays with friends and other family members and how each year the celebration is filled with such emotion & joy. Celebrating another year in history another milestone, celebrating with cake & gifts and love, lots of love. Birthdays are some of my favorite days, making them a little more special for the person who we are celebrating and creating memories are just some of the things that make me love them so much. But how do I spoil … Curiouser and curiouser

Engagement Pictures – Wedding update

Engagement Pictures

HEY!!!! I am so excited to FINALLY be sharing our engagement pictures with you all! While they took a few tries and some crazy stories to come to life these pictures are exactly what Brent & I were hoping for and Chelsea made the whole day fun and easy. I am so excited to see what magic she works for our wedding day!  We had a blast walking around Depot Town in Ypsilanti taking pictures, laughing and enjoying a beautiful September day! One of the funniest parts of the whole photoshoot was when a homeless man started cat calling at us … Curiouser and curiouser

30 Thankful Days {11-17}

Linking up with Katie

Happy Tuesday! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We had a good mix of being busy and resting all at once, it was great! I am back for my next 7 days of Thankfulness and like last week am really loving reflecting on my days. Day 11 – I said I wanted to wait to think of what I was thankful for but then realized the best thing to be thankful for on 11/11 is all Veterans for everything they did and do for us! Day 12 – RCIA, Brent and I are going through the RCIA program at … Curiouser and curiouser

The Guys – Wedding Update


Hey Friends! This post has been a long time coming… This project was completed prior to our engagement pictures & before I found my dress… I have been meaning to post about the groomsmen but my fingers never did quite get around to doing the talking. I figured I should tell you about the rest of the Bridal Party before sharing our amazing engagement pictures. In my defense I was waiting for one of them to get the card & open it before I publicized it to the world   Okay so the story with the groomsmen is that I … Curiouser and curiouser