Mastadon Challenge 5K

A wet & muddy HI FIVE!

Hi Guys! Last Saturday, Brent, 5 of my cousins, my aunt & I participated in the Mastadon Challenge 5K fun run in conjunction with the Saline Celtic Festival. I was planning to have this race-recap post up on TUESDAY but my computer had different ideas about that and well yeah… I need to get better at these timely posts but better late than never I suppose. A few weeks ago I got a message from my Aunt asking me if I wanted to do a fun race with her and a few of my cousins in July. Since it seemed … Continue reading

#TBT Wedding: Getting Ready

#TBT Wedding

Hi Guys! I hope you are all having a great week! Its been a cooler week here in Chicagoland and I am ready for it to heat up and feel like summer… Can you believe that it has almost already been a month since Brent & I got married. It seems like the whole wedding week and everything leading up to the wedding was just yesterday! We received our wedding photos a couple weeks ago via the internet & then the USB last week and it has been really fun to relive the night through the pictures and talking with some … Continue reading

Weekending XIV

Hello Monday… I hope you all were able to enjoy your long holiday weekend with friends, family and outdoors. It was a gorgeous weekend here in Chicagoland and a 3 day weekend could not have come at a better time. Last week was a bit hectic and stressful with work so having 3 days to relax, enjoy & unwind was exactly what I needed. So lets get right into this weeks weekending extravaganza! Linking up with Katie today & every Monday. Friday Brent & I got up and headed straight to the DMV. After a successful trip at the social security office … Continue reading

Treat Yourself Tuesday

Treat Yourself Tuesday

Happy Tuesday!!! I am happy to say that the relaxation restful period post-wedding has completely ended. The Bells are back to long weekends of driving and very full weekend schedules! Yesterday was a blur after a morning spark and an afternoon spark I think the clouds cleared and my head finally became clear enough to realize that while this past weekend was exhausting it was filled with tons of fun treats! So since its Treat Yourself Tuesday lets get to them! Make sure you head over to Becky’s blog and checkout all the other treats that are going on this Tuesday! Backing … Continue reading

Wedding Recap – Bachelorette

Wedding Recap - Bachelorette Party

HiYo! So as you all know by now we got married on the 13th and I am slowly sharing some of the events that took place. So far I have told you about the case of the missing necklaces and our mini-moon to Mackinac, today I am sharing about my bachelorette party! Brent & I got to Michigan on Tuesday and after a day of running errands on Wednesday we were excited to let loose and party with our friends who were in town Thursday. Since so many of our friends/family live outside of Ann Arbor we decided to forgo … Continue reading

What I Ate Mackinac Island

Wedding Recap - Mackinac Island

Hey Y’all! In case you missed the memo and don’t follow me on social media (which you should, Instagram is where I am at!) a week and a half ago Brent & I got married!!! We decided to forgo a large honeymoon right away and went on a short (too short) getaway to Mackinac Island, a 8mile pedestrian island off the coast of Michigan between the upper & lower peninsula. We headed to the island Sunday and after checking in we relaxed a bit enjoying our cheese & cracker spread in the room. After relaxing a bit we decided to … Continue reading