Chocolate Cashew Coconut Butter

chocolate cashew coconut butter

This Dark Chocolate Cashew Coconut Butter is rich & nutty with the sweet balance from the coconut that will leave you licking the spoon. Oh and did I mention its Gluten free, Sugar Free, AdvoCare & Paleo Friendly?! Alright kids I have another tasty treat for you guys! I swear the past week I have been loving the blender and blending up some tasty, healthy, sin-less treats! On Saturday Brent & I spent the morning in a marriage prep course and when we got home I was really craving an apple with some peanut butter, but I knew peanut butter wasn’t on … Continue reading

Chocolate Almond Date Energy Bites & Friday Favorites

Chocolate Almond Date Energy Bites

Happy Friday! I was planning on sharing this recipe on Wednesday but I got distracted by life and while most of the post was written it wasn’t completed soooooo you get it in a different form on Friday! This week has been so productive I have to say it felt amazing! I love being able to cross things off to-do lists, and while I don’t make to-do lists often earlier this week I quickly jotted down a few phone calls that I needed to make to hold myself accountable. On Tuesday I woke up craving something delicious to snack on … Continue reading

Weekending V


Happy Monday! Im back for another weekending post but first I just wanted to say Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day! I loved learning about MLK in elementary school and remember our MLK assemblies always being some of the best of the year, why do I remember that? I have no idea! This weekend we spent mostly relaxing. After last weekend being filled with Pose & training I was excited to be able to relax and do whatever we wanted. I started to recap everything that we did this weekend but to be honest you guys it was super boring, … Continue reading

TRX Tabata Workout – Fitness Friday

TRX Tabata Workout

Happy FRIDAY!!! I am really excited that its friday, if you can’t tell. Since last weekend was spent with some of my favorite running masterminds I didn’t get to just relax, so I am excited to have some of that time this weekend! One of my goals since starting our All In challenge was to make a bigger commitment to the gym. When we lived in Rockford I worked out 4-5days a week and sometimes would workout 6-7, but since moving to Arlington Heights my workouts have drastically decreased. Some weeks I am lucky if I make it to the … Continue reading

Weekending IV

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend. While I have only been posting 3x/week I really do love these weekly recap posts where I can reflect on the past week and take a step back from life which often feels full speed ahead. Last week was the first week of our ALL IN AdvoCare challenge. To be honest I was a bit worried about this challenge, as I am currently on an antibiotic and worried about the cleanse with the antibiotic. I am happy to say that I feel great!!! And the cleanse is definitely doing its job, even … Continue reading

Stop Striving Start Thriving Challenge

** Starting Jan 12th!! **

Happy Friday!!! I don’t know about you but this cold weather has been making this week feel forever long… I sort of feel like that each week until Friday comes and then the weekend goes by super fast, whats up with that?! Okay enough on the moaning about the cold… Remember that intention I set for myself on New Years day to practice more Self Love in 2015. I want to love who I am, where I am and achieve a healthier relationship with myself. When I started my blog I was so incredibly inspired by Kasey, her blog and her story … Continue reading