St Patricks Day 2016

Hey Guys! I wanted to pop in with a fun weekend recap because this past weekend was a BLAST! About a month ago Brent had the idea to rent an Air B&B in Chicago for St Patricks Day weekend and invite a bunch of friends. Well out idea became reality and we met up with a bunch of our friends for a weekend of festivities! Friday night we all made our way to the city to meet up at the condo. Brent, my friend Katie from college & her boyfriend all drove in together while I took the metro after … Continue reading

Arnold Classic 2016

The Arnold Classic

Hey Guys!!! I am pretty embarrassed that it has been almost a solid month since I last blogged. To be honest I had two blog posts scheduled, one that never got published (even though I pushed publish) and another that I never completed because #life. But I am not here to make excuses just to say that this blog is my passion project and when I am not feeling passionate y’all suffer from reading anything life changing. But I am hoping to change that. I have some posts planned for you for the next couple weeks, one including a much … Continue reading

Health Benefits of the Steam Room

Hey Guys! Lately I have been finding myself hitting the Steam Room after a couple workouts a week. I have been loving my few minutes of alone time in the steam room after a workout and it got me thinking “What are the actual health benefits of the steam room” I mean there HAS to be some scientific evidence behind the steam room as they are in almost every gym locker room I’ve ever been to and people seem to swarm to them. But beyond sinus congestion relief and it “feeling good” I wasn’t sure if there was anything behind the sweat … Continue reading

Twenty-Eight Years

Twenty Eight Years

February Eighth, a date that I look forward to every year, it’s my birthday & today I turn twenty-eight, just another year closer to 30 😉 I think when you grow up your birthday has this seemingly huge impact on your life. In Elementary school each year is monumental and you get to bring cupcakes or some sort of treat to your class and feel super special. In middle school & high school you continue to feel important hitting those age milestones 13, 16, 18 and starting to get a little more freedom with each passing year. In college its all about … Continue reading

What We’re Eating – Macro Meal Plan

Hey Guys! I haven’t done a “What I Ate Wednesday” or food prep post in a longggg time but have no fear, we continue to meal prep each week so we have healthy delicious meals each week. Lately Brent & I have been trying to clean up our meals and get back focused on macros to help cut some of that winter fluff that has accumulated around our midsections. We dropped our calories and are focusing on a solid macro split so I thought I would share what we are eating this week with y’all today. Breakfast: 398calories; 6g C; … Continue reading

Marc Megna Phase 2

Hey Guys! I am on my 4th week of the Marc Megna Amp Trainer and have been loving it!! If you read my last update during the 1st Phase you’ll know that I was in a total fitness rut and need a boost and this 8 week trainer was a welcome change. During the phase 1 I did 3 days of total body lifting days and 2 steady state cardio days & it was a fun change to my previous 5 day split lifting schedule. Phase 2 is a little different in its set up, I’m still doing 3 days of total … Continue reading